Landscape Maintenance

We are a full service landscape maintenance company.  We expertly maintain both commercial and residential properties.  We work with you to develop a custom plan based on your individual needs and desires for your property.   We provide mowing, trimming, edging, planting, fertilizing, pest control and even some irrigation services.  We also provide seasonal color, plant replacements, mulching, sod installations, ornamental tree pruning, tropical plant care, disease diagnosis and treatments and outdoor pest control.


We offer complete landscape design and installation.   Typically this service is only offered to residential and commercial maintenance clients.  However, we will consider a stand alone project should it match up well to our business schedules and service areas. 


We offer both Organic and Traditional fertilizing and pest control.  However , ALL the cities and counties we serve have Tradional Fertilizing bans during the key growing season (June through September).  These government bans/blackouts will continue and expand.  We test your soil and offer a custom program based on those results and our experience.  


Many companies claim to offer 100% Organic but very few actually do it.  We are a licensed BeeSafe dealer.  Please visit for specific information on our service and the specific products we use.  This program is 100% Organic.  It is Kid Safe, Pet Safe, Friendly Insect Safe and Environmentally Safe.  Depending on the specific program you select the costs are identical to traditional methods and include the same type controls.  Fertilizing, Weed and Feed, Pre and Post Emergent controls and even lawn pests can all be done with organics.  If you have previously used traditional chemicals, we offer a hybrid program to ween your lawn off the chemicals and transition to a healthier program. 


Standard programs include Fertilizing, Weed and Feed, Pre and

Post Emergent controls, lawn pest irradication and controls.